Inspyre Concorde V3 bmx Frame - Mustang Red

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Introducing the all-new Inspyre Concorde V3 frame, the result of two years of intensive testing and development in close collaboration with the Inspyre team. Completely redesigned, it stands out as one of the most advanced aluminum frames in the BMX Race market.

The Concorde V3 features brand-new tubes throughout the frame, except for the top tube. Each tube of this frame has been meticulously hydroformed to achieve an optimal balance between lightweight, strength, and aerodynamics. Attention to detail is evident, particularly in the innovative design of the intersection between the top tube, bottom bracket, and rear stays. This intersection, the widest on a current aluminum BMX Race frame, is the result of precise engineering by the Inspyre team.

The generous cross-sectional area and smooth transitions ensure optimal load distribution, creating a structure with exceptional lateral rigidity. This increased rigidity significantly enhances pedaling efficiency, ensuring optimal power transmission to the drivetrain. By minimizing frame flex, the Concorde V3 maximizes energy return, providing an unparalleled riding experience on BMX tracks. The use of variable thickness tubes represents a major advancement, allowing the Concorde V3 to reduce weight by 15% compared to its predecessor, the V2, without compromising overall strength and rigidity.

The aesthetics of the Concorde V3 have been meticulously crafted. This new model features flat welds, providing an outstanding quality finish. On the paint side, no detail has been overlooked, with the application of stickers under varnish, adding an extra touch of refinement. Every element has been considered to ensure not only optimal performance but also an elegant and polished visual appearance.

Its brand-new hourglass-shaped CNC-machined headtube brings an entirely new dynamic to the bike. Following the IS 45 x 45 standard, we recommend the use of PRIDE RACING headset kits that perfectly match the shape of the headtube. The Concorde's headtubes remain low, measuring 110 mm for children and 115 mm for adults. Why? To lower the cockpit as much as possible, promoting an aggressive position at the start and on the track.

The new oversized rear stays offer increased rigidity, and our assembly of stays with a wide bottom bracket further contributes to this robustness. The stays adjust perfectly to the full width of the bottom bracket to provide maximum lateral rigidity.

The Junior, Expert, and Expert XL versions feature specific tubes adapted to the morphology of young riders, ensuring a bike that is less rigid and lighter than the adult version. After all, our young riders are lighter and less powerful, so why offer the same tubes and structure?

The SWELL rear dropout system has been completely redesigned to offer an improved user experience. The SWELL V2 dropouts provide a real adjustment range of 25 mm. The internal plates made of 7075-T6 aluminum that make up the dropout remain in place even when you remove the wheel, offering optimal ease of use during maintenance. The chain tensioning system is achieved using two CNC-machined knobs, all mounted on a stainless steel axle. The disc dropout is in the post-mount standard for a 120 mm disc, however, it is still possible to ride with a 140 mm disc thanks to a +20 mm spacer. This dropout comes standard for 10 mm axles, but we offer a specific kit for mounting wheels with 15 mm axles. Furthermore, this dropout is compatible with the latest ADS chain tensioner, offering the ability to adjust your wheelbase regardless of your gear ratio.

With this frame, Inspyre redefines the standards of performance in BMX Race, providing riders with an exceptional platform to push their limits on the track.


  • Frame 100% aluminum 6061-T6
  • Hydroformed tubes with multiple thicknesses
  • Compatible only with "Post Mount" hydraulic brakes
  • Bottom bracket BSA 68 or BB86 depending on sizes - see the table below
  • Compatible with Inspyre's ADS chain tensioners
  • Compatible with a 15mm thru-axle for the rear wheel - Sold separately